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"My writing is always political."

Next to her essayist work, Capucine Lemaire writes regularly for newspapers and magazines, and as part of scientific and specialized journals. 

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To be published in 2024

Cambridge Journal History of education quaterly,  " French disability education policies  under the Fifht Republic (1958-2005) : a critical analysis"

with Kevin Rebecchi, PhD edicational sciences 

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To be published in 2024

KU LEUVEN "Disability research for the real world conference",  

" Capitalism and fundamental rights : the anti-validist movement at the forefront of a major anthropological battle."

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To be published in 2024

UQUAM University , congresss"Transformations of practices and new representations of disability". 

" The Sixth Continent, birth of a challenge. Disability museum and artistic territory."

with Francois Havard, architect and Houari bouchenak, curator. 


march 2024 " Disability sexual violence and feminism"

october 2023 "Disability and cinema "

july 2023 "Wild monster"

april 2023" Forbidden zone "

april 2023 "Disability and fashion " (print)

october 2023 "Disability and  work : towards a systemic approach to skills"

june 2022" Disability and tech"

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