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The excitement of my year of preparation for the ENA entrance exam found a perfect opportunity with this proposal to participate in a collective work on the theme of democracy. I felt free to imagine another electoral arrangement, which was not without recalling the reason for my preparation : one can come from a social class of workers and think about the future of the politics of her country. 

As chair of the Disability Policy Observatory, as a writer, I believe that democracy is unfinished and that it needs an ankle of counter-power so that it can emancipate itself from its own traps.

In short, to break a certain inevitability of political absolutism. 

I proposed in this collective work at Les Éditions de l'Atelier published in September 2022, a new form of executive power, to address the problem of distrust as a democratic crisis : a remedy consisting in choosing both a head of state, a prime minister and a whole government. In this new form, voters also vote for a government already appointed by this duo, already willing to carry out a program and missions explained at the time of the election campaign.

It is about coming out of omnipotent power to reach the collegiality of political decision-making.

Parution le 8 septembre 2022
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